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Photo: Phytolacca americana 4.

Taxonomy extra:
Berry cluster, ripe. Helsinki bot.g., (Kump.), Finland. Planted. 2006-09-09.
Phytolacca americana L. Engl.: American pokeweed, poke root, American poke, cancer-root, coakum, garget, inkberry, pigeon berry, pocan, poke, pokeweed, skoke, Virginia poke. Deu.: Amerikanische Kermesbeere. Suom.: kermesmarja. Sven.: amerikanskt kermesbär, sminkbär. Ital.: fitolacca. Bot. syn.: Phytolacca decandra L.. Pre-Linnaean: Phytolacca americana majori fructu, Solanum racemosum magnum virginianum rubrum, Solanum virginianum rubrum maximum racemosum baccis torulis canaliculatis
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