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Photo: Plantago arenaria 1.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowers. Kyoto bot.g, Japan. Planted. 2001-05-04.
Plantago arenaria Waldst. & Kit. Engl.: branched plantain, sand plantain, French psyllium, psyllium. Deu.: Sand-Wegerich, Sand-Flohkraut. Suom.: haarovaratamo, haararatamo. Sven.: sandkämpar, loppfrö, spanskt loppfrö. Fran.: plantain des sables. Ital.: psillio. Bot. syn.: Plantago indica L., Plantago psyllium L. 1753, Plantago ramosa Asch., Plantago scabra Moench, Psyllium arenarium (Waldst. & Kit.) Mirb.. Pre-Linnaean: Plantago annua foliis integerrimis caule ramoso erecto, Plantago caule ramoso foliis integerrimis spicis foliosis, Psyllium majus erectum
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