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Photo: Plantago major 2.

Taxonomy extra:
Seedheads. Kullaa, Finland. Wild. 2000-08-28.
Plantago major L. Engl.: common plantain, broad-leafed plantain, great plantain, greater plantain, plantain, rib-grass, ribwort, ripple-grass, waybread, white man's foot. Deu.: Breitwegerich, Grosser Wegerich, Wegbreit. Suom.: piharatamo. Sven.: groblad, gårdsgroblad, vägbräddblad, åkergroblad. Dan.: glat vejbred. Fran.: grand plantain, plantain majeur. Pre-Linnaean: Plantago, Plantago foliis ovatis glabris
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