Photo: Plumeria rubra 7.

Botanical name: 

Branch. Helsinki bot. g. (Kaisan.), Finland. Greenhouse. 2007-03-27.

Plumeria rubra L.
Engl.: frangipani, templetree, pagodatree, red paucipan, red-jasmine.
Sven.: frangipani.
Fran.: frangipanier.
Port.: flor-de-Santo-Antônio, jasmim-do-Pará.
TCM: hong ji dan hua.
Bot. syn.: Nerium arboreum Sloane, Plumeria acutifolia Poir..
Pre-Linnaean: Plumeria flore rosco odoratissimo Tournef.

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Photo: Plumeria rubra 7.

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