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Photo: Prunus dulcis 2.

Taxonomy extra:
Fruit. Chelsea Physic Garden, London, UK. Planted. 2005-09-08.
Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D. A. Webb. Engl.: sweet almond, almond, almond tree. Deu.: Mandel, Süssmandel. Suom.: manteli. Sven.: mandel, sötmandel. Fran.: amandier. Span.: almendra dulce. Pharm.: amygdala dulcis, bassora gum, caramania gum, false tragacanth, hog gum tragacanth, kutera gum, moussul gum. Bot. syn.: Amygdalus communis L., Amygdalus cummunis L. var. dulcis, Amygdalus dulcis Mill., Amygdalus sativa Mill., Cerasus dulcis Borkh. ex Steud., Druparia amygdalus Clairv., Prunus amygdalus Batsch, Prunus amygdalus Batsch var. dulcis DC., Prunus amygdalus Stokes, Prunus communis (L.) Arcang.
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