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Photo: Sorbus aucuparia.

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Leaf. This is the time to pick them. Just be sure you've got permission from the landowner. In blind taste tests the tea from fermented leaves beat everything but Ribes nigrum leaves. Liljendal, Finland. Wild. 1992-06-01.
Sorbus aucuparia L. Engl.: European mountain ash, mountain ash, rowan, cock-drunk, Fowler's service, hen-drunk, quickbeam, rowan tree, sorb apple, witch-wood, witchen. Deu.: Eberesche, Gemeine Eberesche, Gewöhnliche Eberesche, Mehlbeere, Quitschbeere, Vogelbeere. Suom.: pihlaja, kotipihlaja. Sven.: rönn. Bot. syn.: Mespilus aucuparia Scop., Pyrus aucuparia (L.) Gaertn., Sorbus glabrata (Wimm. & Grab.) Hedl.
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