Photo: Urtica dioica 12.

Botanical name: 

Plants in spring. Korkeasaari, Helsinki, Finland. Wild. 2002-06-24.

Urtica dioica L.
Engl.: common nettle, greater nettle, common stinging nettle, great stinging nettle, nettle, stinging nettle.
Deu.: Grosse Brennessel, Brennessel.
Suom.: isonokkonen, etelännokkonen, nokkonen.
Sven.: brännässla, vanlig brännässla.
Fran.: ortie, grande ortie, ortie dioïque, ortie élevée, ortie piquante.
Ital.: ortica.
Bot. syn.: Urtica californica Greene, Urtica cardiophylla Rydb., Urtica galeopsifolia Wierzb. ex Opiz, Urtica gracilis Ait., Urtica lyallii S. Wats., Urtica major H. P. Fuchs, Urtica procera Muhl. ex Willd., Urtica serra auct. non Blume, Urtica strigossima Rydb., Urtica viridis Rydb.

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Photo: Urtica dioica 12.

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