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Photo: Viburnum opulus 3.

Botanical name:

'Roseum'. Branches in flower. Helsinki bot.g. (Kaisan.), Finland. Planted. 2002-06-04.

Viburnum opulus L.
Engl.: European cranberry bush, guelder rose, cramp bark, dog rowan tree, high cranberry, highbush cranberry, king's crown, may rose, rose elder, silver bells, snowball tree, water elder, whitsun bosses, whitsun rose, wild guelder rose.
Deu.: Gewöhnlicher Schneeball, Gemeiner Schneeball.
Suom.: koiranheisi, amerikanheisi, heisi, rusoheise.
Sven.: olvon, amerikanskt olvon, blodolvon, skogsolvon, ullgerönn, ulvtry.
Bot. syn.: Viburnum roseum (L.) Steud., Viburnum sargentii Koehne, Viburnum trilobum Marsh.

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Photo: Viburnum opulus 3.

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