Photo: Vinca major 5.

Botanical name: 

Massive growth, this was huge. It was along the edges of the botanical gardens, and I expect it had escaped from cultivation. Nagai bot.g., Osaka, Japan. Wild. 2001-05-09.

Vinca major L.
Engl.: bigleaf periwinkle, greater periwinkle.
Deu.: Grosses Immergrün.
Suom.: isotalvio.
Sven.: stor vintergröna, större sinngrön.
Ital.: pervinca.
Pre-Linnaean: Clematis daphnoides major, Clematis daphnoides major flore caeruleo, Clematis major, Pervinca vulgaris latifolia flore caeruleo

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Photo: Vinca major 5.

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