Photo: Viola tricolor 1.

Botanical name: 

Flowering stand. Helsinki, Finland. Wild. 1995-07-01.

Viola tricolor L.
Engl.: heartsease, wild pansy, flower-o-luce, heart's ease, hens-and-roosters, johnny-jump-up, jump-up, pansy, three-color violet, trinity violet.
Deu.: Wildes Stiefmütterchen, Ackerveilchen, Dreifaltigkeitskraut.
Suom.: keto-orvokki, äidinsilmä.
Sven.: styvmorsviol, natt och dag, trefaldighetsblomster, vanlig styvmorsviol.
Ital.: viola del pensiero.
Pharm.: herba jacae

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Photo: Viola tricolor 1.

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