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Albizia berteriana

Albizia berteriana

Albizia berteriana (DC.) Fawcett & Rendle. Engl.: bastard logwood. Bot. syn.: Acacia berteriana DC., Acacia littoralis A. Rich., Albizia berteriana (DC.) M. Gomez, Albizzia berteriana (DC.) M. Gomez, Cathormion berteriana (DC.) Burkart, Feuillea berteriana (DC.) Kuntze, Inga fragrans Macfad., Pithecellobium berterianum (DC.) Benth., Pithecellobium fragrans (Macfad.) Benth., Pithecolobium berterianum (DC.) Benth., Pseudalbizzia berteriana (DC.) Britton & Rose.

I have no articles for this botanical term, but there might be some for the next level down (if found).

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