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Book: Practical herbs. Book: Practical herbs 2. Kirja: Käytännön lääkekasvit. Kirja: Käytännön lääkekasvit 2. Yrttiterapian etäopiskelu osa 1 Bok: Praktiska läkeörter. Häfte: Vilda Grönsaker

Practical Herbs 2: as wonderful as Practical Herbs.

Henriette's second herb book in English, "Practical Herbs 2" was released on November 28, 2013. It's every bit as good as "Practical Herbs".

It's 164 full-color pages with 160+ photos.
Hardcopy (softcover, bound): ISBN 978-952-68025-0-3
E-book (pdf): ISBN 978-952-68025-1-0.

The Practical Herbs 2 sample gives you the table of contents, green powder, hemorrhoids (with pic!), migraine, and lemon balm. And the front and back covers.

Order yours now!

Only $32.00 (US) or £20.00 (UK), autographed, including worldwide postage:

If you buy a book you get its pdf as well.
PH1 = Practical Herbs, PH2 = Practical Herbs 2. They're akin to book 1 and book 2: they're different books.

Now also: site DVD for only $10 (£6) if you also buy a book!

Book or PDF?
Book or PDF?

If you buy using paypal

You get the pdf immediately or, if paypal doesn't do its thing correctly, once I've checked my mail and sent you an email with the link. This should usually be within 24 hours. If you haven't received a link with the pdf yet, ask me about it! (And check your spam folder).

I can't accept checks or money orders: they cost arms and legs to cash.
Postage is included (which is why the book is more expensive than first planned).

EU bank transfer

Ask about my EU bank account number if you're in the EU!
The prices in € are as follows:

  • Book: 21.00 €
  • Both books: 41.00 €
  • Both books + site DVD: 48.00 €
  • PDF: 7.00 €
  • Both PDFs: 9.00 €
This will change every now and then, depending on the rate of exchange between USD and EUR, because I don't want one or the other to be more expensive.

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