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Fat videos

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A couple clips on utube...

First, Paul Bergner sent these URLs to a mailing list I'm on:
Big Fat Lies: Clip from the documentary "Fat Head." The history of the "a high-fat diet causes heart disease" myth: it all goes back to one crooked scientist (Ancel Keys).
The McGovern Report. A young staff member (a vegetarian without medical or scientific background) suggests that a low-fat low-cholesterol diet is a good idea. This is lapped up by world+dog as gospel. Oops ... then, the Assistent Secretary of the USDA, Carol Tucker Foreman, got told by honest scientists that this is nonsense. However, instead of ditching the idea she shopped around until she found a scientist who supported the low-fat-diet idea, and served government-supported low-fat dietary guidelines to world+dog. Oops again.

Then, Alan Tillotson gave this URL to complement those two:
Part 1: Cholesterol. Dr Malcolm Kendrick speaks to a Leeds BMA [British Medical Association] meeting about why cholesterol does not cause heart disease.

That's part 1 of 5; here's the other 4 bits:
Part 2: Familial Hypercholesterolaemia.
Part 3: About Statins.
Part 4: Heart Disease. Hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis and stress.
Part 5: Cardiovascular disease populations. CVD in displaced population clusters caused by stress and HPA dysfunction.