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Flower essences 2/3.

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It's really easy to make a flower essence.

All you need is time, some spring water, and some brandy. Vodka will do in a pinch, though. Rain water is also nice. And if nothing else is available, use tap water, but let it settle for a while first.

There's myths out there:
"Don't let your bowl of water'n'flowers get shady". Bull.
"Don't touch your water'n'flowers". Bull.

I'm sure there's other myths, too, but here's the real easy and practical way to make flower essences:

Take a nice shallow bowl that takes, oh, about 3-4 dl (perhaps half a pint). Glass is nice, as are other materials, but I wouldn't use plastic unless that was all I had in my cupboards.

Pour it half-full of water.

Take your bowl of water with you and go outside. Look around you, wander about a bit, see what plant catches your attention - that's one you'll want to sit by and contemplate for half an hour (or more if you like). Pick a comfy spot, then pick a few of the flowers of the plant you chose (or that chose you), and put them into your water. Sit down and listen to the world around you, and to the plant itself.

Once you feel you've sat for long enough, take your bowl inside, pick out the flowers (fingers picked them, fingers can pick them out of the water too), and add as much brandy as you had water. Bottle and label: dandelion flowers, May 2005, mother essence.

That's your mother essence. To use, it's best to dilute: 1/10 of mother essence, 9/10 of a 50/50 mix of water and brandy. Use a drop at a time in tinctures, in teas, or straight up.

If you're running out of flower essence you can dilute it again, with 9/10 of water'n'brandy.

I'm not sure if you can dilute flower essences indefinitely, though. Personally, I like to sit by the plants and make new ones, now and then, instead.

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