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So the day before yesterday was the last day of autumn.

I took this pic yesterday:
Maple leaf on the day after the last day of autumn.Pic: Maple leaf on the day after the last day of autumn.
That's frost, not salt or anything.

It melted off during the day's sunshine, yesterday.

But today, we got snow. Enough of it for kids to make snowmen and snow castles, and enough of it that some is still laying about - of course, it's been snowing off and on all day, so that helped, too.

Lucky me for digging up the last roots day before yesterday, eh? I was freezing my fingers off while digging, too, so I didn't get as much as I might really need over winter, but still, I got enough.

A lot of maples still had green leaves when the frost hit. Maples can't take frost, so the leaves are now look-through, and greenish-brown, and they fall off at the shake of a branch. Birches, being local trees, can take a little frost. The few green leaves and the many many bright yellow leaves that still are on the trees hang on through both winds and branch-shakings.