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Growing garlic indoors.

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It's easy, but you will not get a garlic bulb off a clove.

"I just read some advice (on this site) about growing garlic indoors. Apparently I did it right. I had a clove that had started a little green shoot so I shoved it into some soil until it was just under the surface. That little green shoot has grown more than 1.5 inches in just three days. My question is; how long do I let it grow before I can harvest a whole bunch of cloves. It's in a 4 inch pot right now. When should I transplant it and what sized pot whould be good?"

Yes, you can shove a sprouting garlic clove into a pot and let it grow on your windowsill.
No, you won't get garlic bulbs this way.

Garlic needs room, and lots of nutrients. You might manage if you were to plant the cloves in buckets (one clove to each bucket), but buckets are rather inelegant on the windowsill.

If you grow garlic outdoors it's not "shove just under the surface". It's "15 cm deep should be enough". Up here, it takes a year for garlic to mature from clove to 3-green-leaves-left, it's ready to harvest bulb. In addition, our garlic requires a winter a month or three after planting: we plant in August - September, and harvest in July - August.

Why would you bother growing garlic cloves indoors then? For the greens, kid. For the greens. They're really very tasty.

And, if you keep cutting the greens, your garlic clove will be exhausted in a month or two. Plant another -- if you liked your garlic greens.

And don't expect fat garlic bulbs from your 4" pot surface-planted garlic.