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Schisandra berries.

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A friend sent me some dried schisandra berries.

He's growing Schisandra chinensis and a lot of other interesting plants in his garden, and likes to send me dried things -- like these.

These berries are red. The ones I've seen were white, but perhaps those were unripe?

Boyo for the taste. First it tastes of pine, then it's overwhelmingly sour, then you get the bitters, and a few minutes down the line there's just the piny taste left.
"The five-flavored berry", eh? The Chinese are a bit silly with their need to get every count up to five. Sour, bitter, pungent, check, but I don't taste sweet nor salt in this.

Of course, now that I've eaten a berry or two, and can continue to eat a few a day for months on end (thanks Esa!), I'll live forever, at least if I am to believe what's written about schisandra on the net.

How sad, then, that I don't believe the hype, eh?