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Sheer folly.

Botanical name: 

This ad caught my eye ...

The headline is: "Eat bread without gaining weight".

The gist of it is, we gain weight from eating simple carbs. Simple carbs are broken down into sugars by the enzyme alfa-amylase (and other amylases, to be sure). To stop that, there's this excellent new supplement, patented, bean extract, phase2 (faasi2 in Finnish), which stops alfa-amylase from working effectively.

Now I have this really far out idea, as strange as anything: why not just stop eating that bread? That'd also avoid the unavoidable side effects of letting simple carbs get into the colon: an inflamed gut as bacteria feast on foods they don't normally get, and reproduce explosively, with all that entails in white blood cells trying to curb them.

I'll not mention the smelly farts which make your social life suffer ... oops.

I really do believe that it's better to stop things at their cause rather than trying to circumvent consequences.

Weird idea, I know, but it might just work.

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