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This update brings all of the old photos to the new setup ...

Pics: So I've had all my slides rescanned, and I've moved perhaps a couple hundred of them to the new setup with every picture update. Which usually included lots of new pics as well.

And I still had about 4000 photos in the old setup. However, it's tedious to go through the new scans (although there's a lot of nice photos in there); it was starting to look as if it'd take years to move all those pics to the new setup.

And I have a deadline looming, elsewhere.

So I said "blow that for a lark", and added all the old pics to the new setup, in one go. That's the "old " scans, so the scanning quality isn't all that good (which is why I had them rescanned in the first place. Shrug.). Then I ditched the old setup. All photos are now here.

Plant names: And the only place the old plant name database was still used was in the blog. A couple hundred of my blog posts still link to the old plant names, but shrug ... I ditched that setup, too. So if you've pointed anything towards "henriettesherbal.com/php/get.php?#number", it'll give you a "not found". The lot can be found under "henriettesherbal.com/plants/genus/species.html", which includes links to pretty much everything related onsite (except for that set of blogposts which still point to the get.php numbers).

And that means there's very very very very little of the old layout still on my site. Lovely, no?

Olde tomes: Of the classic texts, there's new bits in Scudder's 1898 Materia Medica, there's new bits in Ellingwood's Practice of Medicine, there's new bits in Pereira, and there's new bits in Sturtevant.


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