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Distanskurs i örtterapi.

Yellow flag.

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Another excerpt from Steinmetz' Materia Medica.

Steinmetz (online on David Winston's site) writes about another locally abundant plant, yellow flag (Iris pseudacorus). I haven't used it, because mostly you just read that the root can be used like orris, and that's it. Here's another take on the plant:

Radix Iridis Pseudacori -- Iridaceae
Iris pseudacorus Yellow Flag root, Water Flag root. Yellow Sedge root. The root in form of a decoction is useful in curing dropsy and as an astringent douche against painful menses and leucorrhoea. The taste is very sharp. The drug is inodorous.
Wasserschwertlilienwurzel. Die Droge in Form einer Abkochung ist wertvoll zur Heilung von Wassersucht und als zusammenziehendes Spülmittel gegen schmerzhafte Menstruation und Weissfluss. Der Geschmack ist sehr scharf. Die Wurzel ist geruchlos.

Hah, so leucorrhoea is "Weissfluss"? Learn something new every day.

Semen Iridis Pseudacori -- Iridaceae
Iris pseudacorus Yellow Flag seeds, Water Flag seeds, Yellow Sedge seeds. They are carminative and stomachic.
Wasserschwertliliensamen. Die Samen sind blähungtreibend und magenstärkend.

Now I'll have to taste yellow flag seeds. If they're carminative they should be aromatic ... the seeds will be ready in a few months, remind me then, 'kay?

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