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Jonno has been busy on his blog.

Go check out Jonno's herblog. A few recent gems:

The "revolutionary" melanin paper (you know the one: Pugh, N. D., P. Balachandran, et al. (2005). Melanin: dietary mucosal immune modulator from Echinacea and other botanical supplements. Int Immunopharmacol 5(4): 637-47.) quacks exactly like a moneymaking scam for its writers. Jonno's posts on the topic:
Research paper of the year 2005,
Melanin: more questions than answers,
Melanin mystery, and
Melanin authors grab melanin patents.

Cosmetic surgeons think they have a clue about alternative healthcare (they don't). (So acupuncture is homeopathy? Don't tell the TCMers!).

Edzard Ernst (the CAM prof at the U of Exeter, UK) doesn't know what Chelidonium is - or perhaps he doesn't know what chemotherapy is? Read the paper here: "Ernst, E. and K. Schmidt (2005), Ukrain - a new cancer cure? A systematic review of randomised clinical trials. BMC Cancer 5(1): 69.", and then read Jonno's blogpost for some facts.

Berberine works against cancer (Woot!).

The latest anticancer MLM, zeolite, actually causes cancer. Read Jonno's posts on the topic:
Zeolite MLM anticancer scam,
Zeolite zealots,
Fraudulent MLM upline claims, and
Ooops, the upline didn't want that to be widely known ...

Among other gems, of course.

I LURVE JONNO IN ALL CAPS. Lovely blog, go have a read.