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An attempted blog party post.

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A blog party!

So I was going to write about my extra fancy cough syrup. Then I thought to write about my elecampane syrup ... then I thought, hey, calamus, that's a nice syrup / candy ... spruce shoot syrup, more herbal syrups, hare droppings, syrup flu pills, herbal sugars ... really, I've done the lot already.

Which is kind of why I stopped writing for the blog every day, a year or three ago: it's really hard to find new things to write about.

Except that I found out today that my SJW meadow (with yellow bedstraw, and solidago, and things) is a wheat field, and that I got three pints of Amelanchier berries from a nearby park today, and that it's really really nice to find a stand of nearly spineless red raspberry canes. And that there's loads (LOADS) of red raspberries this year. Which is nice, but not really good for blog posts at large.