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Ellie's poppies.

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Ellie sent me some poppy flower photos.

Eleanor Sommer wrote, on the herblist:
"Sow the seeds in the fall and let them over-winter. They like cool, dry climate, so here in Florida, they start coming up around February-March and are over by the time the rains begin in June. A little seed goes a long way, but they like to grow thickly. They need a decent water supply when just starting out, but after that, they produce better if the weather is on the dry side. I don't think they care much about the soil; I am growing them in an unimproved bed, which in Florida basically means in the sand."

Here's photos, by Gail K. Ellison, of Papaver somniferum growing in north Florida. They're from the 21st of April, mid-day.

Photo: Papaver somniferum. Gail K. Ellison. Photo: Papaver somniferum 1. Gail K. Ellison. Photo: Papaver somniferum 2. Gail K. Ellison. Photo: Papaver somniferum 3. Gail K. Ellison.

Pretty, no?