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Order XIX. Dioscoreaceae, Lindl.—Yams.

Botanical name:

2. Leaves with netted (reticulated) veins. Dictyogens; Retosa. Lindley.
Flowers unisexual, with the perianth adherent to the ovary (inferior ovary).

Dioscoreae, R. Brown.

Characters.—Twining endogenous plants with reticulated leaves, unisexual regular flowers, a 6-parted superior perianth, 6 stamens, a 3 celled inferior ovary with 1- or 2-sceded cells, and capsular or berried fruit.

Properties.—See Dioscorea and Tamus.

The Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Vol. II, 3th American ed., was written by Jonathan Pereira in 1854.

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