Chap. 029. Of Sea Arach. // NOT DONE.

Botanical name: 

Arach, Sea 1. Arach, Sea.


and Diuritick, it opens the obstructions of the Urinary Passages, provokes Urine, and expels Sand, Gravel, and gritty Stones. Dose from j. dram to ij. drams, in white Wine.

XVI. The Oily Tincture. It has the Virtues of the former taken inwardly, from vj. drops to xviij. in white Port Wine; but it is best to be given in a cold habit of Body: it opens obstructions of the Womb, and provokes the Terms.

XVII. The Cataplasm. The Herb Cut, Bruised, and Boil'd to a Cataplasm with Oatmeal, discusses outward cold Tumors, and gives ease in the Gout.

XVIII. The Ointment. It is good to cool Inflamations, and ease Pains and Aches proceeding from a hot Cause: and is good to anoint on the Legs, to discuss Hydropical Tumors.

XIX. The Balsam. It is a good Vulnerary, abates Inflamations in Wounds and Ulcers, cleanses them of their filth, makes them easie, and in a little time after heals them.

XX. The Correction. By reason this Herb is something Flatulent, or apt to stir up Wind, it ought to be Corrected in its various preparations, as Juice Clarified, Essence, Decoction, and Syrup, with Aniseeds, Carraways, Cloves, Fennel/ Seeds, Ginger, Liquorice, Pepper, Zedoary, &c.

Botanologia, or The English Herbal, was written by William Salmon, M.D., in 1710.
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