Chap. 027. Of the Lesser Wild Arach. // NOT DONE.

Arach, Wild Lesser. Arach, Wild Narrow. I. The Names. It is called in Greek, ’Ατογςαξιο αγζια μιχογ: in Latin, Atriplex Sylvestris parva: in English, Wild Arach, the less.

II. The Kinds. The lesser Wild Arach is three-fold,

  • 1. Narrow Leaved. (Atriplex patula. -Henriette.)
  • 2. Berry-bearing. (Chenopodium capitatum, Blitum capitatum. -Henriette.)
  • 3. Broad Leaved. (Chenopodium urbicum. -Henriette.)

  • I. The Narrow Leaved, is,
    1. Atriplex Sylvestris angustifolia, Narrow Leaved Wild Arach.
    2. Atriplex Sylvestris angustifolia altera, Another kind of Narrow Leaved.
  • II. Atriplex baccifera rubra, Red Berry-bearing Arach.
  • III. Atriplex Sylvestris latifolia minor sive, Pes Anserinus, The lesser Wild Broad Leaved Arach, or Goose Foot; whose Description, Virtues, &c. you may see in Chap. 312. following.

Botanologia, or The English Herbal, was written by William Salmon, M.D., in 1710.
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