Chap. 032. Of Hot or Biting Arsmart. // NOT DONE.

Botanical name: 

Arsmart, Biting. I. The Names. It is called in the Greek, ‘ϒδϑπεπεϑι: In Latin, Hydropiper, Piper Aquaticum, Persicaria non maculata, Persicaria Urens, vel, Mordax: Angulara calls it Cratægonon; and some call it, Zinziber Caninum: in English, Hot or Biting Arsmart, Water Pepper, and Peach-Wort, or Lake-Weed. (Polygonum hydropiper. -Henriette.)

II. The Kinds. It is the second general Species of Arsmart or Peach-wort, and is,
1. Hydropiper, seu Persicaria acris vulgaris minor, the Common Lesser Biting Arsmart.
2. Persicaria acris Virginiana, the Virginian Biting Arsmart, or Hidropiper.

III. The Description. The first or English sort, has a Root somwhat long with many fibres thereat, which as well as the rest of the Plant, is of a very sharp and quick Taste, biting the Tongue more than Pepper, from whence springs forth a Jointed crooked Stalk, not so High nor so Great as the former Mild Kind, but with a greater store of Branches and Leaves some ...

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