Chap. 058. Bear's Breech. // NOT DONE YET.

Beares Britch.

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XII. The Decoction in White Wine. It provokes Urine, and binds the Belly.

XIII. The Syrup. It is good against Coughs, Colds, Asthma's, Phthisicks, spitting and pissing of Blood, Bloody Fluxes, &c. Dose two spoonfuls in Wine.

XIV. The Clyster. By reason the whole Plant is of a Glutinous, Clammy, and Slimy Mucilaginous Nature; it is given Clyster-wise to procure Stools, and heal the Excoriations of the Bowels.

XV. The Cataplasm. From its Glutinous and Mucilaginous property, it is (like Comfrey) applyed to weak parts to strengthen them; and applyed to the Gout in the Joints, it eases the Pain, discusses the Humor, and cures the Disease: It also is profitable against Cramps in any part, and Ruptures in Children, being timely applied to the Part: made into form of an Emplaster, and applied to the Back, it eases Pains there, and strengthens a weak Back.

XVI. The Saline Tincture. It opens obstructions of the Urinary Passages, and powerfully provokes Urine. Dose, one or two drams in a draught of White Wine: and Cloths dipt in it, and applied to parts burned (where the skin is not broken) it presently draws forth the fire.

XVII. The Wild Bears Breech has the same Preparations, Virtues and Uses.

Botanologia, or The English Herbal, was written by William Salmon, M.D., in 1710.
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