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Fig. 279. Powdered Belladonna Leaves.


(X 210.) c, cr, Cells with sandy crystals co, Collenchymatous cells from cortical tissues of midrib. ei, Epidermis of under surface. en, Epidermis over the veins, with striated cuticle. es, Epidermis of the upper surface, with striated cuticle and occasional stomata. l, Bast. me, Branching cells of spongy parenchyma. nv, Fragment of small vein. pa, Palisade cells, surface view. p'a', Palisade cells, in longitudinal section. pg, Glandular hairs, long and short, with unicellular and pluricellular glands. st, Stomata, surrounded by three or four cells, one of which is smaller than the others. tf, Cortical tissues of the midrib. tr, v, Tracheids and vessels. —(After Greenish and Collin.) This image is from Drug Powders (also see Belladonna) in Sayre's Manual of Organic Materia Medica and Pharmacognosy, 1917.

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