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Fig. 280. Powdered Henbane Leaves.


(Hyoscyamus niger). (X 210.) ccr, Crystal cells. cr, Crystals of calcium oxalate.
ei, Lower epidermis. es, Upper epidermis. ffv, Portion of fibrovascular bundle of midrib. ip, Scar of fallen hair. m. Spongy parenchyma. pa, p'a', Palisade cells. pg, Glandular hairs. pl, Simple hairs. st, Stomata. tf, Cortical parenchyma of midrib. tr, Tracheid and vessels. —(After Greenish and Collin.) This image is from Drug Powders (also see Henbane) in Sayre's Manual of Organic Materia Medica and Pharmacognosy, 1917.

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