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Old drawings

Old drawings

Various illustrations from old texts.

Barton W. 1818-1825

Table 01. Chimaphila umbellata. Image gallery: Drawings from W. Barton's "Vegetable Materia Medica of the U.S.", 1818 / 1825.

Bigelow 1817-21

Pl. 60. Humulus lupulus. Image gallery: Drawings from Bigelow's "American Medical Botany", 1817-21.

Bios 1912

Dr. Milton L. Thomas. Image gallery: Drawings and photographs from the Biographies of King, Howe and Scudder, 1912.

Boierth 1919

Bild: Titelsida: Kryddor och kryddodling. Image gallery: Bilder från Pehr Boierths "Kryddor och kryddodling", 1919.

Grotenfelt 1915.

Kuva: Kansi, Grotenfelt. Image gallery: Kuvia kirjasesta "Ohjeita Lääkekasvien Viljelemiseen Suomessa", 1915.
Bilder från boken "Kort Handledning uti Medicinalväxters Odling i Finland", 1915.

Hill 1812

Plate 51. Image gallery: Drawings from John Hill's "The Family Herbal", 1812.

Hool 1918

Image gallery: Drawings from Richard Lawrence Hool's "Health from British Wild Herbs", 1918.

Hool 1922

Yarrow. Image gallery: Drawings from Richard Lawrence Hool's "Common Plants and their Uses in Medicine", 1922.

Licorice 1929

Licorice, dried, being turned over. Image gallery: Photographs from J. U. Lloyd's Licorice, 1929.

Lind-Verdier 1940

Titelbild Image gallery: Bilder från boken "Våra Medicinalväxter", Stockholm, 1940.

Neuwoja 1898

Kuva: Kansi, Neuwoja. Image gallery: Kuvia kirjasesta Neuwoja Lääkekaswien Kokoojille, kirj. Karl Th. Hällström, 1898.

Pereira 1854

Image gallery: Drawings from Pereira's Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, 3rd American Edition, Vol. II, 1854.

Pula puutteet 1943

Kuva: Kansi, Pois Pula ja Puutteet. Image gallery: Kuvia U. Utrion kirjasesta Pois pula ja puutteet, 1943.

Salmon 1710

Salmon: Adders Tongue. Image gallery: Drawings from William Salmon's "Botanologia. The English Herbal", 1710.

Tea Leaves 1900

01. Frontispiece: Chinese tea plant. Image gallery: Drawings and photographs from Tea Leaves, 1900.

Thomas 1907

Figure 8: Confluent smallpox. Image gallery: Drawings and photographs from Thomas' Eclectic Practice of Medicine, 1907.

USDisp 1918

Image gallery: Drawings from the US Dispensatory, 1918.

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