This is a page to be proofread from Salmon's Botanologia, 1710.

Tafte, and creeping Root, h may more probably be taken to be the Cotyledon paluftris acris, vel, Urens.

IV. The Places. It is found, as Matthiol/a lays, on the Mountains in Bohemia: and our Lobel found it in several places in Somerfetfiire it delights in Woody and Shadowy places.

V. The Times. It Flowers in May and June and the Seed is brought to its ripeness much about Midfummer.

VI. The Qualities. It is hot and dry in the beginning of the third Degree: it Incides, Attenuates, and is Aperitive, and Cathartick : Appropriated to the Head, Stomach, Liver, Womb, and Joints.

VII. The Specification. I cannot yet find either from Authors, or my own Experience, what Disease it is peculiarly good for ·, but 'tis certain, 'tis a good Deoppilative, or opener of Obstructions.

VIII. The Preparations. You may have from it, I. The green Herb it self. 2. A Pouder of the fame. 3. The Juice. 4. An Essence. 5. A Saline Tin-dure. 6. A Syrup of the Juice, or Herb. 7. A Decoction.

The Virtues

IX. The Green Herb. A little of it eaten with other Herbs, as a Sallet, opens and loofens the Belly, and purges out Cold, Grofs, Thick, Flegmatick Humors.

X. The Pouder. It may be given to j. dram in Mead, Canary, Sherry, Malaga, or White Florence Wine, and so it will loofen the Belly, and purge thence Tough Thick Phlegm, and Black or Burnt Humors.

XL The Juice: It has a Cleanfing, Attenuating Quality ·, makes thin that which is thick, cuts that -which is tough, and breaks that which is hard, opens the Bowels which are obstru&ed, and purges out rhe Morbifick Matter of many grievous Diiaffeai-© is, and therefore is profitably given to such as are afflicted with the Palfie, Falling-sickness, or Yellow Jaundice : It may be given from ij. drams to iij. or iv. according as the Patient is in Age and Strength, ω a Gla& of Mead or Wine. '

XII. The Essence. It has the Virtues of the Juice, but is more grateful to the Stomach, and may be given to half an ounce, or more, in a. GUIs of Wine:

It prevails against the Gravel in Reins and Bladder; and gives Ease in the Gout, inwardly taken, and outwardly applied -9 and withal it kills Worms in Children.

XIII. The Saline Tincture. It opens ObftrucFions of the Womb, Reins and Bladder, provokes Urine, and expels Sand, Gravel, and Tartarous Slime : it kills Worms in old or young, and is profitable against the Dropsie. Dose from j. dram to ij. in a Glass of White, or Rheniih Wine and Sugar.

XIV. The Syrup of the Juice or fJerb. It has all the Virtues of the Juice, but must be given in full the double quantity, and is much better tor Qucaly Stomachs, aud Children, than either the Juice or Essence but it ought to be made in a Bath, fiλ boiling will cause much of its Virtue to be loft.

XV. The Decoction. If it is made in Wine, h is Λ good Cephalick, and excellent against must cold Diseases of the rlead, Brain and' Nerves : used as an Errhine, it purges the Head of cold and grols Humors : and taken inwardly from ij. to iv. ounces, or more, it prevails against Epilepsies, Apoplexies, Lethargies, Vertigo, Megrim, Head-ach, Palfieo, Convulsions, (f c.

Chap. XXXV. Of Common Asphodel.

I.'The Names. It is called in Arabick, Barvd-X cab: in Greek, 7W*©/ia©- : in Latin, Afphc* delus, Haflula Regia, Albucus, and Albucum : in English, Afpodel.

II. The Kinds. It is fouifold, 1. The Common Garden Asphodel. 2. The Onion Asphodel. 5. Marfh, or Lancafhire Asphodel. 4. Kings Spear Asphodel: of this last see Chap. 404. following : The Second and Third we shall treat of in the two following Chapters. The Common Garden Asphodel is also White or Yellow: and the White is either the Greater Single or Branched, and the Lesser Hollow, and Leaft.

III. The Defaiptions. The Common single White Asphodel has a Root compacl of many knobby Roctf, growing out of one Head, like those of the Peony, full of Juice, with a small bitter ness, and astringent Taste >, from whence springs up many long narrow Leaves, like almost to those of Leeks fiarp pointed', the Stalk is round, smooth, naked, and without Leavesr two Cubits high, garnifl)cd from the middle upwards, with a number of Flowers Star-fashion, made of six Leaves apiece : the colour White, with some dark Purple streaks, drawn down the Back side * within the Flowers are several small Chives ; which be ing past, there springs up little round Heats, wherein are contained hard, black, and three corner'd Seed, like those of Buck-wheat or Staves-acre.

IV. The Common Branched White Asphodel has λ Root composed of many tuberous long Knobs, which are thickest in the middle, and smaller at both ends, faftned together at the head, of a dark grayish colour on the out side, and yellow within whence rises up many long and narrow hollow triangular Leaver sharp pointed, and lying upon the ground roundabout the Root h the Stalk is smooth, round and naked without Leaves, which rises from the midft of them, divided towards the Top, into divers Branches, (if the Plant has been of any long continuance ) or else into but two or three small Branches, from the sides of the main great one, whereon stand many large Flowers, Star-fashion, made of six Leaves apiece, on the in side whitish, and ftraked with λ Purple line down



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