This is a page to be proofread from Salmon's Botanologia, 1710.

the backside of every LeafJhaving in the midst of the flowers some small yellow Threads: the Seed is black, and three square like the former, and greater than the Seed of Buck-Wheat, contained in roundish Heads which open into three Parts.


much but in the Magnitude, except in the first of them in the Roots, which are not Glandalous, but stringy long and white-, bearing flowers from the middle to the top Star-fashion: And in the second, in the height chiefly, it being felcbm above a Foot high, having Glandulous Roots like the great Asphodels.

VI. Jhe Garden yellow Asphodel, has many Roots growing out of one Head, made of several tough, flat and oleous yellow Sprigs, or Grofs firings, from the which rises up many Graffy Leaves, thick and Grofs, tending to square ness; among the which comes up a strong thick Stalk, set with the like Leaves, even to the Flowers, but less: upon which do grow Star-like yellow blowers, not unlike to those of the greater White Asphodels, with much the like Seed following them.

V. There are also, the little hollow white Aipho-del, and the leaft white Asphodel, whkh differ not

VII. The Places. They Grow naturally in Greece* Italy, Spain and France but are nurst up with us only in Gardens, where now they are become natural, and Natives of our Soil.

VIII. The Times. The Glandulous Great white Asphodels do Flower in May and June: The leaft white One, in August and September, even till the cold hinders it: the hollow white, and the yellow, Flower in June and July, and the Seeds are ripe, the Month following.

IX. The Qualities, They are hot and dry almost in the third Degree: They are Emetick, incide, attenuate^ open, difcufs, resolve, and are Vulnerary: They are also Cephalick, Neurotick, Pectoral, Hysterick and Nephritick.

X. The Specification. They are known by experience to be peculiar against the Kings Evil, as the Signature in the Roots demonftrate.

XI. The Preparations. The Shops keep nothing hereofbut you may prepare therefrom. 1. A Juice of the Root. 2. An Essence of the same. 3. A Decoction in Wine. 4. A Syrup. 5- A Saline Tincture. 6. An Oily Tincture* η.-Afies of the

Η whole


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