This is a page to be proofread from Salmon's Botanologia, 1710.

rhara,^. It heals inward Ulcers of the Lungs, and is good to cure spitting of Blood. It is good againf Gravel, Sand, Slime and Tartarous Matter, Obftru-cting the Reins, Ureters and Bladder, and prevail-against Vapors in Women, Obltruttions of tfu Womb, and Hysterick fits. Doll irom one spoon-ful to lour, or fix, mixt with any proper Vehicle.

XV. The Saline Tincture of Seeds, or Leaves. It powerfully opens Obstructions ol the Womb, Reins, and Bladder, bringing away the Matter causing the ObftrucFion : Outwardly, it is good to waih the part bitten by a Mad Dog, for it draws out the malignity and Poifon. Dole inwardly j. or ij drams in Arj-mart or Partly Water, or any other proper Vehicle.

XVI. The Oily Tincture. It is an excellent thing against Punctures, and other Wounds of the Nerves, prevails against Cramps and Convulsions, inwardly given from twenty to thirty Drops, and outwardly applied.

XVII. The Dccoffion of the Ro.t. Drank liberally for some time, it has been found very good to exterminate the Reliques of the bene!) Dileate : The Decoction of the Root, as also of the Seed, is commended by Dioscorides against the Tooth-ach, being held in the Mouth. It is also good to somerat withal against Burnings and Kibed heels ι and made with Wine, and drank, it prevails against the Strangury.

XVIII. The Pouder oj the Root. It is good against spitting Blood, helpful in Consumptions, and expels Sand, Gravel, and Tartarous Matter out of the Reins, Ureters and Bladder. Dose one or two drams in White or Red Wine, &c.

, XIX. The Pouder of the Seed. Taken to one dram, in a proper Vehicle, it is an excellent thing against Sand, Gravel, or Tartarous Matter in Reins or Bladder, and gives ease in the Strangury, and other like Diseases of those parts : and drank with Wine for sorty days together, it wonderfully helps the Sciatica.

XX. The Conserve of the Roots. It is helpful in Consumptions, and good for such as are troubled' with the Stone, or any Flux of the Bowels.

XXI. The Mixture. Take Juice of the Root, which make with Alicant two pounds : Old Tent, a pint and half: mix them. Four ounces of this being drank Morning, Noon and Night, ( after due purging ) is good against the Running of the Reins in Men, and the Whites in Women. Or thus: Take Juice oj the Root, made as ajorefaid, twelve ounces : old Tent eight ounces : lolks oj new laid E££s-> n° iiij : pouder of Acorns, an ounce and half : Nutmegs in pouder half an ounce: mix them. It has the Virtues of the former, befides which, it eases pain in the Reins, and wonderfully strengthens a weak Back.

XXII. The Cataplasm. Made of the Leaves Bruised, with tfo White of an Egg, and laid on any place burnt with fire, it takes the fire out, gives fudden ease, and afterwards heals it. The Roots made into a Cataplasm by being beaten with Salt, and applied ( as Apuleii/s says ) to the biting of a Mad Dog, cures it, and so speedily frees the Patient from all danger. Columella lays, the Cataplasm made oj the Leaves beaten up with Salt, being laid upon the biting of a Viper ( the part being first ftarrihed with a Lancet) draws out the Poifon. The former Cataplasm of the Roots with Salt is more available than the former against the Poison of Serpents- and being applied, is also good against the Kings-Evil.

XXIII. The Salt from the Ashes. Taken in White Wine, Arsmart, or Parsley Water, from a scruple to half a dram, it is good to provoke Urine, cleanse the Urinary Paifages, and to carry off the Watry Humor in Dropsies.

Chap. XCIX. Of Burdock Small.

HE ]\ames. It is called hl Qreek, j**r £ t«V>«»r ·· in Latin, Aanthium : In the Shops, Lappa mnor, Lappa inverf:, and bv some, Strumaria and Bardana mnQr ■ ]« fyghjh, the Lesser or Small Burdock.


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