This is a page to be proofread from Salmon's Botanologia, 1710.

Cataplasm. II. A Distilled Water. 12. A Spirituous Tincture. 13. An Acid Tincture. 14. λ# Oily Tincture. 1?. A Saline Tincture. 16. j1s/>/-r/>. 17. 0/7 Distilled. 18. Potestates. 19.

The Virtues.

XII. %mi ////v^. It is Antiscorbutick, resists the Infection of the Plague; and being taken inwardly to four or fix ounces, two hours before the coming of the Fit of an Ague, whether Quotidian, Tertian, or Quartan, it commonly cures it at three or four Doses; befides which it cures an ex-quiiite Pleurisie, more expecially if a little Salt of Blood (whether of Man or Beast ) is added to it, and this I have had experience of in my own Person, and fince that have cured several others by the same Medicament. It provokes the Terms in Women, opens the Urinary palTages, and gives ease in the Strangury to a Miracle.

XIII. The Essence. It has all the Virtues of the former, befides which it facilitates the Birth, and brings away the Child, whether dead or alive, as also the After-birth : It causes a free Breathing, is good against Colds, Coughs, Asthma's, and other Obstructions of the Lungs, as also Stitches in the Side. Dose four ounces, Morning and Evening.

XIV The Syrup. Made of the Juice of Double-flowred Camomil, faith Bauhinus, but of our Common Garden Camomil, say Pena and Lobel, with the Flowers also, and a little White Wine, being taken three or four spoonfuls at a time, is a remedy against the Jaundice and Dropsie, as also the evil difpofition of the Spleen.

XV. The Infusion. If it is made in White Port Wine, it provokes Urine, opens Obstructions of the Urinary Parts, expels Sand, Gravel, and Tartar, and helps a stinking Breath! It has the Virtues of the Juice and Essence, but not altogether so powerful.

XVI. The Decoction. If made in Wine, or part Wine part Water, and taken inwardly, it has the Virtues of the Juice and Essence, but very much weaker, yet it prevails powerfully against the Cholick : Parkinson says, it takes away all Pains and Stitches in the Sides. Tired Limbs being bathed therewith, it takes away their Weariness, and eases Pains to what part of the Body soever it is applied. It comforts the Nerves that are over-strained, mollifies Tumors, and difculTes those which are not very hard ; and moderately comforts those parts which have need of warmth, or are chill'd by any Cold Paralytick Humor.

XVII. The Pouder. Made of the dried Herb, but chiefly of the Flowers, being given from half a dram, to one dram, it helps the Griping of the Guts, Wind, and Pain of the Stomach.

XVIII. The Oil by Infusion of the Flowers in Oil Olive. If the Person troubled with an Ague, be anointed with this Oil, before a good fire, from the Crown of the Head to the Soles of the Feet, and after that, be laid to Sweat in a Bed, being so warm covered that they may Sweat well, it cures it, let the Ague be what it will. This is an JEgyptian Medicine, and Galen feems to confirm it : For he laith, that the Sophi of JEgypt, Confecrated this Herb to the Sun, for its Virtue in curing all sorts of Agues. But therein, says Galen, they were deceived, for it cures only those where the Humors are already digested; but it is very profitable ( says he) for ail other ibrts of Agues, which come 'either from Flegm or Melancholly, or from an Inflammation of the Bowels; for these ( says he) Camomil is a Sovereign Remedy to be applied, the Humors

being first Concocted. It is good against cold Gouts, coldness of the Limbs, and Pains and Aches proceeding from Cold and Moisture.

XIX. The Ointment. It heals Wounds in a Cold, Scorburick habit of Body, gives ease in the Gout| and mollifies Tumors proceeding from an afflux of Humors.

XX. TI>e Balsam. It is more excellent for healing Wounds than the Ointment, and being mixed with other proper things, it brings Apoftems and Tumors to fuppuration, and prevails Angularly a-gaintt the Gout, whether it proceeds from a'hot or a cold Cause, and it will be so much the more effectual, if Camphir be added to it, which contains in it a fubtil Fire, which draws forth the Essence of the Gout through the Pores of the Skin.

XXI. The Cataplasm. Being applied, it is useful to difculs, or diflblve Tumors, and Wind, in any part of the Body, and to ease Pains and Aches in the Joints. Being applied to the Ribs, and Hypo-choriders, as hot as it can be endured, it eiles the Spleen, expels Wind, and gives immediate relief in the pains of the most exquifitc Pleurisie : It also takes away Pains and Stitches in the Sides, removes shortness of Breath, and causes presently an eafiness of breathing.

XXII. The Difilled Water. It is good against fainting of the Heart and Spirits, is good against Vapors and Fits of the Mother, as also Pains and Distempers of the Spleen; but it is chiefly used as a Vehicle to convey the other Preparations of this Plant into the Body : fix ounces of it being drank with a scruple or half a dram of Salt of Camomil diilbl-ved in it, prevails wonderfully against stoppage of Urine, and so is helpful against the Strangury.

XXIIL The Spirituous Tincture, Made from the Flowers, or the Herb and Flowers together, it prevails against Fainting and Swooning fits, coldness of the Stomach, and sickness at Heart. It comforts all raits which have need of warmrh it digits cructe Humors, difculTes Wind in the Stomach and Bowels, alleviates the Pains and Torments of the Belly, and provokes Urine gently: It induces Sweat, and expells cold Aches and Pains in what part of the Body soever.

XXIV. The Acid Tincture. It digests, loosens, eases Pain, is highly Antifebritick, Anticolick, and strongly Diuretick. It powerfully opens Obstructions of the Lungs, and helps such as have a shortness of Breath, difficulty of Breathing, are Hoarse, and Wheeze much, so as in a manner they have lost their Voice. It Attenuates, cleanses, Purges, Opens, Expectorates tough Flegm, and is profitable for all Diseases of the Brest, caused by the Afflux of moist and flegmatick Humors, whether Thin or Thick, Tough, Rotten, or Corrupted, causing the same to be spit forth. You may make it pleasant and grateful with Syrup of Violets, or GovestUitiowets, or a pure Tincture of Spanish luice of Liquorice, and so to be taken often in the Day, and that Jbr many Days together.

XXV. The Oily Tincture. This being rubbed in daily, Morning and Night, before a good fire, all along the Back-bone, from the Head to the Anus, and also over all the affected Limbs, it cures 3 Pal-fie above most other things in the World. It also cures Rheumatick Pains, being well anohwed upon the parts affected twice a Day, and continued for some time. It expels Cold, eases Pains, ductules cold and windy Tumors, eases the Pains of the Pleura, and After-pains o> Women in Child-bed, bemg *-nointed a little above the Share Bone, and twenty drops of it given inwardly, in a Glass of Canary* In all outward applications, if you add a little Cam-phire to it, one ounce of Camphir to a pound of


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