This is a page to be proofread from Salmon's Botanologia, 1710.

the Tincture, it makes it lb much the more powerful and effectual.

XXVI. The Saline Tincture. It may be given from half a dram to a dram, in White Wine, against Stone, Gravel, Sand, and Tartarous Matter in the Reins and Bladder; it opens Obstructions of the Urinary parts, and of the Womb is good against Vapors, and Fits of the Mothers, and dissolves Coagulations in the Pleura. Outwardly used, it is good against the Gout, or any other Pains proceeding from a cold Cause.

XXVII. The Spirit. It is a singular Cordial, chears the Heart, revives the Spirits, strengthens Nature, and makes the Body able to withftand Diseases. It is good against Convulsions, and prevails much against Wind, Fainting and Swooning Fits, Vapors, and Distempers of the Womb, for which it is a Specifick. It comforts the Head, Nerves, and Btain, and is so great a Stomatick, that there is but tew greater. Dose two drams, being dulcified.

XXVIII. The Distilled Oil. It is a famous thing for the Head, Nerves, Womb, and Joints ; and therefore is good against Vertigo's, Apoplexies, Epilep-fies, pain of the Stomach, Convulsions, Fits of the Mother, Palsies, Lameness of the Limbs, and all sorts of Rheumatick pains. In Diseases of the Head and Nerves, as Palsies, it ought to be anointed down the Back-bone, as also upon the parts affected; and is also to be given inwardly in a Glals of Wine, from three drops to twelve or fixteen : drop it first into White Sugar, which mix well, then duTolve it in the Wine, and so let the Patient drink it up. In Vertigo's, Apoplexies, Epilepsies, Convulsions, Stomach Pains, and Mother, it needs only to be given inwardly, Morning and Evening, as directed

XXIX. The Potestates or Powers. They have all the Virtues of the Juice, Essence, Tinctures, Spirit and Oil, and indeed more fubtil and penetrating, piercing like Lightning thro1 the Univerfai Frame; and may be given Morning, Noon, and Night, in ibme proper Vehicle, from one dram to two or three drams, according to age and strength.

XXX. The Elixir. It has the Virtues of Juice, Essence, Tincture, Spirit, Oil and Powers; but much more fubtil, and effectual to all the purposes intended : it is singular in the Cure of a Pleurisie beyond most other things. Dose from one to two drams.

XXXI. The Fixed Salt. It is singularly Nephri-tick, and Antipleuretick; eases Pains in the Reins, opens Obstructions of the Urinary parts, difTolves the Congelation of Blood in the Pleura, Womb, and carries off the Seminalities of those Diseases by Urine. Dole half a dram.



I. THE Names. It is called in Greek by Diof-X corides and Piny, *aVuv)< *· by Galen and Theo-phraftus, xw* t In Latin, Anonis, and Ononis : also Arefta Bovisjiefta Bovis, Remorum Aratri: because that the Roots of it being very tough, and so deeply and strongly fastned in the Ground, it causes the Oxen which draw the Plough to be as it were at a Hand for the first pull, and so stops the Plough Share, that it cannot so readily go on. In English it is called Cammock, or Rest Harrow.

II. The Kinds. Then? are many kinds or it; but those which are Only Common 'with us, are these following five : 1. .-.Anonis fpinqfa flire purpurea, Common Rest Harrow, with purplish flowers.' 2. Anonis j pi no] a flore albo. Rest Harrow, with white flowers, χ. Anonn fpmoja, lute a minor, R eft-Harrow, with yellow flowers, the lesser. 5. Anonis nonfpinofa flore purpureo, Rest Harrow not thorny, with purple Howes. %. Anonis Hon J pi no/a lute a major, Rest Harrow not thorny, with yellow flowers the greater.

III. The Descriptions. The first and Common Rest Harrow, which is frequent, as well in Arable as Wafie Grounds, and By-lands, has a Root which


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