This is a page to be proofread from Salmon's Botanologia, 1710.

IV. The second Single white Campion, is in all things as Roots, leaves, Stalks, and flowers, like to the former, Javing only the color of the blotters, thai being of a Red Crimson color, this of a pure White.

V. The third sort of Single Campions are like unto the former also, these other sorts having no other difference to difmginih them by, but the colors of the flowers, which are of a pale or bleak whitish bluff color, chiefly about the brims or edges of the Leaves, or as if a very little Red iv it mixed with a great deal of White, the middle of the blower being more White; the one being spotted all over the blower, with smallspots and freaks, the other not having any spot at all.

VI. The fourth, or Double red Role Campion, is in all respects like unto the Single red Rose Campion, excepting that this bears Double flowers, consisting of two or three Rows or Courses of Leaves at most, not so large as the Single. The whole Plant is more tender, and therefore more apt to die or perish than the Single is.

VII. Ti)e Places. They are only nurs'd up with us in Gardens : both Single and Double are only by Nature not Art : and the Double ones have been found so Wild: for I could never observe that any Art or Industry of Man could ever so alter the properties ol Nature, tho' by never so many repetitions ot Transplantations, and Observation of the Phafes ot the Moon . as to make any Flower Single by Nature, to become Double, tho1 many Men have affirmed the same; and of this Option was Parkinson who says, that whatsoever hasW found Wild to be Double Nature it self, and not Art, so produced it, and so was brought into Gardens, where they are much encreased by flipping, and parting the Root, becaule they give no Seed

VIII. die Times They do all of "them flower in the Summer Months, through May, June and July to the end of August. ~ J y'

IX. The Vitalities. The Seed, which is chiefly used, is hot and dry in the second Degree. It is Vulnerary, Alterative, and Alexipharmick.

X. The Specification. It is peculiar against the Poiibn of Scorpions.

XI. The Preparations. There are but few Preparations of this riant; the chief things taken from it are the Leaf* and the Seed : of which there are used, i. The Green L>eaf. 2. The Pouder of the Seed. τ,. The Spirituous Tincture. 4. The Acid Tincture.

The Virtues.

XII. The Green Leaves. Being applied whole, or beaten in a Mortar into a Cataplasm, with a little Hogs Lard and Turpentine, and applied to any old or foul Ulcers in the Legs, Arms, or other pam; it does cleanse and heal them.

XIII. The Pouder of the Seed. Galen affirms it to be hot and dry in the second or third Degree. And Dioscorides says, that being drunk in Wine, it helps those who are thing by a Scorpion; and so it is also thought to be good against the malignity of the Plague or Pestilence. Dose one dram at a time, Morning and Evening.

XIV. The Spirituous Tincture. It has the former Virtues, but more powerful against the plague 01 Pestilence, the Spotted Fever, bitings of Serpents, Mad Dogs, or other Venomous Creatures. Dose half a spoonful, or a spoonful, in a Glass of Wine, Morning and Evening.

XV. The Acid Tincture. It has the Virtues of the former, is more Stomatick, and more powerfully refills the Malignity or Poison of the Plague, it destroying that, and the Fever together. Dose sixty or eighty drops, or more, in generous Canary.


THE Names. They are called in Greek Αυχώ χ οξΗΛ % ayvA : In Latin, Lychnis Sylvestris: and in English, Wild Campions.

II. The Kinds. They are manifold, as, 1. Single. 2. Double. The Single are, 1. Lychnis Sylvestris store albo simplex, Wild Campions with a white Flower. 2. Lychnis Sylvestris flore rubro simplex, Wild Campions with a red Flower. 3. lychnis Sylvestris flore rubro minor simplex, The lesser red Campion with a red Flower. 4. Lychnis Sylvestris vel Segetum Vaccaria rubra diUa, Com Campion. 5. Lychnis Marina alba rubra, The Sea Campion white and red. 6. Lychnis arvenfis minor Anglic a, The English small Wild Campion with a white Flower. 7. Lychnis plumaria Sylvestris simplex-, Armoraria pratenfis, The feathered Wild Campion simple.

III. The Double Wild Campions, are, τ. Lychnis plumaria Sylvestris multiplex, Armoraria pratenfis flore pleno, The feathered Wild Campion Double. 2. Lychnis agreftis multiftcra, of Lobel Ocymoides flore pleno, of Camerarius ; Lychnis Sylvestris purpurea multiplex, of Gerard : blare pleno rubro, ot Parkinson, Red Batchelors Buttons. 3. Lychnis Sylvestris multiflora, by Pena ana* Lobel; Ocyntaftrum^ of Tabermontanus ; Lychnis Sylvestris alba multir plex, by Gerard Flore albo pleno, by Parkinson; White Batchelors Buttons. 4. Lychnis agreftis abor-tivam multipliei store viridi, Batchelors Buttons with green Flowers.


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