The Virtues.

XIV. The liquid Juice. Being given from four to fix ounces two hours before the coming of the fit of an Ague (as aifo given in the same quanity Morning and Evening for some days ) it removes the fit, and perfectly cures the Ague. It evacuates and carries off Cholerick and Grofs Humors, and prevails against the Sciatica : And yet with Dodo-nxus, I do not perceive that it has any fenfible Purging, or Carthartick quality, though in the mean time, many things which are not purely Catharticks or Purging, are tbund to be very cleansing, and in palling oft themfeives, carry many other Humors along with them.

XV. The Essence: This has all the Virtues of the Juice it opens Obstructions of the Gall, Liver, Spleen, Reins and Womb, prevails against Hypo-chominack Melancholly, and the Yellow Jaundice; it eales Pains in the Sides, and hardness of the Spleen, making thin both Blood and Humors. It is of good use for those that have the Dropsie, or Green-sickness, because it strengthens the Stomach, and all the other Vijcera : I know some will not allow it to cure the Dropsie but this I know, that if the Hydropick Humors are carried oft by other means, and the parts affected are once emptied of their Water, that if this Essence be duly given, it so strengthens the Bowels, that that Disease returns no more. It kills Worms in the Belly, and drys up Rheums.

XVI. The Infusion in Wine. It cleanses gross Humors, and eases pains in the Hips, the Gout, and other like Diseases proceeding from Tartarous Humors : Ir is good in Agues, strengthens the Stomach, helps Digestion, and causes a good Appetite. It also prevails against Stitches, pains of the Sides, and other difaftecFions of the P/eura.

XVII. The Decoction. It has the Virtues of the Infusion, is good against Agues, Catarrhs, and the vehement pains of the Colick : It provokes the Terms in Women; and brings away the Birth, whether dead or alive, as also the After-birth, eafing the pains of Mother, and causing an effectual Cleanfing after Delivery. It is good against the Rickets in Children, evacuates Tartar out of the Urinary Paifages, and brings away Sand and Gravel, ftopping the passage of the Urine.

XVIII. The Pouder. Taken to one dram in Wine, it gives ease in the Colick, kills Worms in Children, and ( as Parkinson says ) is a wonderful good help against the biting and poifon of a Viper or Adder. Strewed upon moist and running Sores and Ulcers, it cleanses, drys, and heals them.

XIX. The Oil by Inflation or Boiling. It is Ano-dyn, eases the Spleen, and pains of the Mother, and is very effectual in all old pains of the Joints, and Limbs, as Gouts, Sciatica, Convulsions, Cramps, &c. proceeding from a Cold Cause. It is also a very good thing to anoint Womens Breasts which are fwoln, hard, or pained, through Cold, or Curdling of the Milk, or any other accident, as of a blow, ijfc

XX. The Ointment. It has the Virtues of the Oil, but is more lengthening and fanative : It cleanses, drys, and heals foul Ulcers, and other fpreading Scabs of the Head h and to anoint the Back-bone and Joints of such Children as have gotten the Rickets : It strengthens and gives ease in pains of the Back, by anointing therewith.

XXL The Balsam. It is an incomparable Vulnerary, and cures simple Green Wounds at the first intention. If they are composed^ by bruiting, and dilaceration of the fleih, it first digests, then clean-

ies, drys, and heals them : It also cleanses foul and foetid Ulcers, rills them up with fleih, and coniolf-dates their lips. It heals old running Sores, clean* fing, incarnating and drying, and perfectly curing them^tho1 Hollow, or Fiftulous.

XXII. The Cataplasm, made of the green Herb. It has the Virtues of the Balsam, but is Lin cfpeciaj thing for cleansing and healing putrid Ulcei's in what part soever, if duly applied thrice a an ν ? wafhing the hollowness or filtulous part also with an Expressed Juice of the Herb.

XXIII. The Distilled Water. It has the Virtues of the Infusion or Decoction, but is pleasanter, as being lels bitter h but by so much, it is the leis efficacious : and is many times used as a Vehicuium, to convey other Preparations of the Herb in : It js said to take away Tanning of the Skin, Sun-burning, and other the like difaffecFions.

XXIV. The Spirituous Tincture. It comforts all the Viscera after a singular manner; and therefore it it is taken from one dram to four drams, Morning, Noon, and Night, it ib strengthens the Bowels, as that it prevents the return of a Dropsie in those Persons where it has been lately cured. It also removes the Gout out of the Stomach, ( which many times is fatal) is good against the Jaundice, and Hypochondriack Melancholly : It is indeed a good remedy against the bitings of Vipers, Rattle-Snakes, and other Serpents, as also the Poison of Mad Dogs.

XXV. The Acid Tincture. It is excellent against Vapors, Fits of the Mother, and other dilaffections of the Womb. It strengthens a weak Stomach, resists Vomiting, causes a good Appetite and Digestion, removing faintness and sickness at heart. It is good against Poison, and the Plague, as also all Putrid, Malign, and pestilential Diseases, being taken in all that the fick drinks from twenty to sorty drops at a time, at least five or fix times a day ; it takes away the malignity of the Diitemper, and wonderfully abates the putrid heat of the Fever, whether Continent, Continual or Contermitting.

XXVI. The Oily Tincture. It carries off the yellow Jaundice, as also the Morbifick cause of Obstructions of the Reins and Ureters by Urine: being given from one dram to two drams, in a good draught of Carduus Poffet-drink, it has been known to cure Agues : more especially it the Spina Dorfi be effectually anointed therewith, from the Vertebra of the Neck almost to the Anus. Anointed on the sides, it eases their Pains : and given inwardly, gives ease in the Colick. Given to a Woman in Labor from fifteen to thirty or sorty drops, in some convenient Vehicle, it facilitates the Delivery, whether alive or dead, and effectually brings away the After-birth.

XXVII. The Saline Tincture: It is good against foul Ulcers, and fpreading Scabs of the Head, or other parts; takes away Cutaneous Deformities, as Tannings, Sun-burnings, Spots, Marks, Scurf, Dand-riff, Morphew, and other like defects of the skin: And being long applied, it is said to remove Freckles, tho' of great continuance.

XXVIII. The Spirit. It strengthens the Stomach wonderfully, chears the Heart, revives the Spirits, and sortifies the Univerfal Oeconomy of Nature: it is good against Vomiting, and Indigestiui, and causes a good Appetite to Food makes a freih and lively Countenance, and restores the Priftine ftate of the Bowels. It is a very good thing against Diarrheas, Dyjcntenas, Lientends, and the Hepatick Flux, and gives eaie in an exquifite Colick, when lometimes many other things will do nothing. Dose from one spoonful to two, in some proper


This is a page to be proofread from Salmon's Botanologia, 1710.


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