XXIX. The Collyrium. It is made of the Liquid face, or tjfnee, mixt with an equal quantity oj clarified Honey. Being put into the Eyes, four, five or fix times a day, it clears them frcm Dimness, Milts or Qouds, or any thing which obfuicates or hinders the fight : and" if a little Spirit of Wine ( about an eighth part ) be added to it, it becomes profitable for fore, inflamed and running Eyes ; it strengthens the weakned part, and powerfully Hops the fluxion. It also cleanses Ulcers in the Eyes, drys, and heals them: And I was was informed by a very skiltul Chirurgion, that he once cured a Fi-flulaLachrymalis therewith, by injecting it in, with a proper Syringe. This I am fure of, that it lingu-larly cleanses, and drys hollow Ulcers in other parts of the Body, and disposes them to an effectual hearing j and drys up moist Scabs, and other breakings out like Scurf or Morphew, though of long Handing, if it is aifiduouily used and applied for ibme time. Taken inwardly, from half an ounce to two ounces at a time, it prevails against Colds, Coughs, Hoarsness, Wheazings, Ihortness of Breath, difficulty of Breathing, and other difarfecFions of the Lungs. Being thus continued for some confi-derable time, I have known it to cure Ulcers of the Lungs >, the Patient drinking with it, new Mil warm, sweetned with double refined Suger, drink ing no orher Liquor, and wholly forbearing a' Wines, and Maulted Drinks.

XXX. The tixed Salt. It is highly Antifebritick and Diuretick. Diffolved to one dram in the Di Itilled Water, and so drank, it carries off the Mor bifick cause of ail Fevers by Urine, and cleanses al the Urinary parts of Gravel, Sand, and Tartar, lodg ed in them. It is also excellent good against the yellow Jaundice, and all Obstructions of the Liver, Spleen, Reins, and Womb. It diflblves Choler in the Body, and catts it out by Urine : Take of this Salt half an ounce : of the distilled Water a pint mix and dissolve. This cures Cutaneous Diseases, and takes off Freckles from the Face, if constantly used tor ibme time; and also removes other defbr mi ties of the Skin. t

XXXI. The Effential Salt. It has all the Virtues of the Liquid Juice and Essence, and may be given in all those Cases from one dram to two or three drams at a time, in a glass of generous Wine, Morn ing and Evening. It is a great Stomatick, anc Sweetner of the Blood ; a noble Antifebritick; anc kills Worms in Young or Old, being taken for some time. It is highly Traumatick, and therefore good to be taken Dietetically, by such as hare Wounds and Ulcers about them.

chap. cxx.

Of celandine.

Names. It is called in Greek, "Xi*sJ$rmt In Latin, Chelidonium, and ^hclidonium majus, Hirundmaria major : In A-rabick, Kauroch, feu Memiram : and in English, Celandine, and Celandine the Greater. This latter name is given to it, because another Plant lesser than this, has the name of Celandine given to it and is called the letter \ and yet it has no Kin or Relation to it : and therefore fbr diftinaion fake, this is called Celandine the Greater It is also foretimes called Swallow-wort,m anfwer to the latter Latin name. The name is said to arise from Swallows curing the Eyes of their young ones when

they were hurt, therewith; but as it is a thing wholy fabulous, so we leave it.

II. The Kinds. It is twofold, I. X.Ai^'r/or το μ'γχ

Kctvlv, Chelidonium majus vulgare, Common Great Celandine. 2. Xsa/AW ri μ»γϋ tttonUto, Chelidonium majus Laciniatum, Jagged Celandine.

III. The description. Common Celandine has a Root somewhat great at the Head, jhooting forth several other long Roots, with small reddijh Fibres or Strings spring ing from them, the infide being yellow, andjullof a yellow Juice : erom this Root springs

This is a page to be proofread from Salmon's Botanologia, 1710.


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