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Actaea pachypoda

Actaea pachypoda

Actaea pachypoda Ell. Engl.: white baneberry, doll's eyes, necklace weed, white beads, white cohosh. Deu.: Weissfrüchtiges Christophskraut. Suom.: valkokonnanmarja. Sven.: vit trolldruva. Bot. syn.: Actaea alba auct. non (L.) P. Mill.

Actaea Alba.

Botanical name:

Classic texts: Felter 1922.

Photo: Actaea pachypoda 2.

Taxonomy extra:
Seedhead. Kew Garden, London, UK. Planted. 2005-09-12.

Photo: Actaea pachypoda 1.

Taxonomy extra:
Seedpod, white and red. Helsinki bot.g., (Kump.), Finland. Planted. 2004-09-17.

Photo: Actaea pachypoda.

Taxonomy extra:
Closeup of fruit. You can see why it's pachypoda. Toxic. Helsinki bot.g. (Kaisan.), Finland. Planted. 1998-09-01.

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