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Brugmansia x candida

Brugmansia x candida

Brugmansia x candida Pers. Engl.: angel's trumpet, white angel's trumpet. Deu.: Weissliche Engelstrompete, Weisse Engelstrompete. Suom.: enkelinpasuuna. Sven.: änglabasun. Span.: campana, floripondio. Bot. syn.: See Brugmansia aurea Lagerh. x versicolor Lagerh., Brugmansia arborea auct. non (L.) Steud., Datura candida (Pers.) Safford.

Photo: Brugmansia x candida.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowering top. Turku bot.g., Ruissalo, Finland. Potted. 2004-08-26.

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