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Cotoneaster microphyllus

Cotoneaster microphyllus

Cotoneaster microphyllus Wall. ex Lindl. Engl.: Tibetan cotoneaster, wild cotoneaster. Deu.: Kleinblättrige Zwergmispel. Suom.: himalajantuhkapensas. Sven.: finbladigt oxbär. Bot. syn.: Cotoneaster conspicua Bean, Cotoneaster conspicuus (Messel ex anon.) Chitt., Cotoneaster decora Hort. ex Rehd., Cotoneaster microphyllus Wall. var. conspicus Yü, Cotoneaster nanus (G. Klotz) G. Klotz, Cotoneaster permutatus G. Klotz, Cotoneaster puriflorus G. Klotz.

I have no articles for this botanical term, but there might be some for the next level down (if found).

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