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Crataegus intrincata

Crataegus intrincata

Crataegus intrincata Lange. Engl.: Copenhagen hawthorn. Deu.: Verworrener Weissdorn, Scharlachdorn. Bot. syn.: Crataegus biltmoreana Beadle, Crataegus boyntonii Beadle, Crataegus coccinea auct. non L., Crataegus foetida Ashe, Crataegus fortunata Sarg., Crataegus horseyi Palmer, Crataegus neobushii Sarg., Crataegus ouachitensis Palmer, Crataegus padifolia Sarg., Crataegus pagensis Sarg., Crataegus pallens Beadle, Crataegus rubella Beadle, Crataegus stonei Sarg., Crataegus straminea Beadle.

I have no articles for this botanical term, but there might be some for the next level down (if found).

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