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Dactylopius coccus

Dactylopius coccus

Dactylopius coccus Costa. Engl.: cochineal, cactus scale insect, carmine, cochineal insect, red scale insect. Deu.: Cochenille, Echte Kochenille, Nopalschildlaus. Suom.: kokenillikirva. Port.: cochonilha dos cactos. Span.: cochinilla, cochinilla del carmin. Bot. syn.: Coccus cacti auct., Coccus cacti L., Coccus mexicanus Lam., Coccus sativus Lancry, Dactylopius cacti auct., Dactylopius signoreti Cock., Pseudococcus cacci Westw.


Botanical name:

Classic texts: HistVD, 1911.

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