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Diervilla lonicera

Diervilla lonicera

Diervilla lonicera P. Mill. Engl.: northern bush honeysuckle, bush honeysuckle, gravelweed. Suom.: keltavuohenkuusama. Sven.: gulblommigt getris. Bot. syn.: Diervilla canadensis Willd., Diervilla diervilla (L.) MacM., Diervilla lutea Pursh, Diervilla trifida Moench, Lonicera diervilla L.


Classic texts: USDisp 1918.

Photo: Diervilla lonicera 1.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowers and leaf. Helsinki bot.g., (Kump.), Finland. Planted. 2004-09-17.

Photo: Diervilla lonicera.

Taxonomy extra:
Branches in flower, with Virginia creeper creeping in the underbrush. Helsinki bot.g., (Kump.), Finland. Planted. 2004-09-17.

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