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Jeffersonia diphylla

Jeffersonia diphylla

Jeffersonia diphylla (L.) Pers. Engl.: twinleaf, ground-squirrel pea, helmetpod, rheumatism-root, yellowroot. Deu.: Zwillingsblatt. Bot. syn.: Jeffersonia binata Bart., Jeffersonia lobata Nutt., Jeffersonia odorata Raf., Podophyllum diphyllum L.

No. 55. Jeffersonia bartoni.

Botanical name:

[image:28476 node=28497]Classic texts: Rafinesque 1830.


Botanical name:

Classic texts: Felter 1922.

Photo: Jeffersonia diphylla.

Taxonomy extra:
Plants. Helsinki bot.g., (Kump.), Finland. Planted. 2004-09-17.

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