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Magnolia fraseri

Magnolia fraseri

Magnolia fraseri Walt. Engl.: mountain magnolia, auricled-leaved magnolia, ear-leaved magnolia, Indian physic, long-leaved magnolia, wahoo. Bot. syn.: Magnolia auriculata Desr.

Magnolia: Constituents - References.

Classic texts: DMNA 1884-1887. Magnolia: Constituents - Medical history and properties - Medical and pharmaceutical references.

Magnolia. Magnolia Bark.

[image:12066 node=10473]Classic texts: DMNA 1884-1887. Magnolia: Parts used - Generic History and Description - Magnolia glauca - Common names - Botanic history - Magnolia acuminata - History - Magnolia umbrella - Magnolia grandiflora - Other species - Magnolia macrophylla - Magnolia cordata - Magnolia fraseri - Geographical distribution - Description of the drug - Microscopical structure - Pharmacopoeial history.

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