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Moschus moschiferus

Moschus moschiferus

Moschus moschiferus L. Engl.: musk deer, Siberian musk deer. Deu.: Sibirischeer Moschushirsch. Sven.: sibiriskt myskdjur. Span.: almizele. Pharm.: moschus, musk.

620. Moschus.—Musk.

Botanical name:

[image:12475 node=7412]Classic texts: Sayre 1917.


Botanical name:

Classic texts: HistVD, 1911.

Practical Notes from Foreign Journals.


Classic texts: Journals: AJP 1885: Oils of Cassia and Cinnamon. Musk - Annual average exportation from Shanghai. Meat Juice. Precipitation. Honey - how best to store it. Fixed Oils, Fats and Ointments - benzoinating them.

Moschus. Musk.

Botanical name:

Classic texts: Ellingwood 1919.

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