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Succisa pratensis

Succisa pratensis

Succisa pratensis Moench. Engl.: devil's bit scabious, devilsbit, ofbit, premorse scabious. Deu.: Gewöhnlicher Teufelsabbiss, Teufelsabbiss, Abbiss, Abbisskraut. Suom.: purtojuuri. Sven.: ängsvädd, knappvädd. Bot. syn.: Scabiosa succisa L.

Devil's Bit.

Botanical name:

Plate 15. Classic texts: John Hill 1812.

Photo: Succisa pratensis 2.

Taxonomy extra:
Flower and two flowerbuds, the usual arrangement with this plant. Helsinki bot.g., (Kump.), Finland. Wild. 2006-08-19.

Photo: Succisa pratensis 1.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowers, with a bumblebee's bum. Oulu bot.g., Finland. Planted. 2005-08-31.

Photo: Succisa pratensis.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowers. It's got its name from the shape of the root - like somebody's bitten it right off, from beneath. Perheniemi, Finland. Wild. 2000-09-07.

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