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Vaccinium oxycoccos

Vaccinium oxycoccos

Vaccinium oxycoccos L. Engl.: cranberry, bog cranberry, European cranberry, marsh whortleberry, moss cranberry, small cranberry, swamp cranberry, true cranberry. Deu.: Gewöhnliche Moosbeere, Moosbeere. Suom.: isokarpalo, karpalo. Sven.: tranbär, myrbär, tränjon. Jap.: tsuru-kokemomo. Bot. syn.: Oxocyca vulgaris Raf., Oxycoccus microcarpus Turcz. ex Rupr., Oxycoccus oxycoccos (L.) Adolphi, Oxycoccus oxycoccos (L.) MacM., Oxycoccus palustris Pers., Oxycoccus quadripetalus Schinz & Thell., Vaccinium hagerupii (A. & D. Löve) Rothm.

Karpalo. — Tranbär.

Botanical name:

Vanhoja tekstejä: Tärkeimmät Kotimaiset Lääkekasvimme, 1913.


Vanhoja tekstejä: Neuwoja Lääkekaswien kokoojille, 1898.

Cranberry and UTIs.

Archives: Best of the Herbal Forums: 04.1995.

PD: Herbal syrups.

Henriette's herbal blog: You can make a lot of syrups with 15-20 people in a teaching kitchen over 2+3 days.


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Henriette's herbal blog: I don't know if roselle can be used like cranberry.

Photo: Vaccinium oxycoccos 4.

Taxonomy extra:
Flowers, not yet fully open. Liljendal, Finland. Wild. 1993-06-01.

Photo: Vaccinium oxycoccos.

Taxonomy extra:
Plants with unripe berries. The berries of this species have much more sour than those found (or grown) in Canada. Liljendal, Finland. Wild. 1992-08-01.

Photo: Vaccinium oxycoccos 2.

Taxonomy extra:
Patch with lots of berries. Liljendal, Finland. Wild. 1992-08-01.

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